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Try these Natural Reflux Remedies on your Baby


Although it can be worrying for new parents, reflux in babies is very common and is not usually any cause for concern.

It is natural to be concerned, particularly if they are bringing up a feed, but reflux is very common and is normally something that passes by the time they reach the age of one.

Reflux is simply where the baby effortlessly brings up milk during or after a feed. It is different from vomiting, where a baby’s muscles actually forcefully contract, but nonetheless, it can be quite uncomfortable for them. Symptoms of reflux include; spitting up milk during or after feeds; difficulty in feeding – they might refuse feeds, or even appear to be gagging or choking; persistent hiccups or coughing; excessive crying, or crying when they are being fed; and frequent ear infections.

Of course, if you are worried about your baby, you should always make an appointment to see your GP or to speak to their health visitor, as there may be tests that they want to run to ensure that there is no underlying problem. If you are happy that it is just reflux though, there are certain, natural remedies that can make your baby feel much more settled during and after their feed. We should stress though that you should seek medical advice before trying any of the following remedies.

Cumin Seeds:

Cumin seeds are very effective at stimulating the digestion process, which will reduce the risk of acid and gas occurring in your baby, which is what makes them bring up some of their feed.

Some research has suggested that babies who are given cumin seed water actually suffer from less reflux compared with those who do not.

To make your cumin water, you should boil a few spoons of cumin seeds with water, before straining. This solution, when cool can then be given to the baby. It is suggested that a few spoonfuls of this mix daily can relieve reflux in your baby.

Coconut oil:

Coconut oil is known for having anti-inflammatory properties, which can prevent the irritation that causes acid reflux. On top of this, coconut oil can also help to lubricate the digestive system, which will ensure that it is functioning efficiently.

Finally, the oil also contains lauric acid, which is an antimicrobial fatty acid that can help to boost the immunity in newborn babies. Giving your baby a spoon of coconut oil with warm water three times a day prior to feeds can bring relief from reflux.


Peppermint is a well-known cure for acid reflux, particularly in babies. It contains high levels of soothing properties that can bring relief from the pain that a baby suffer when they have reflux. It can also help to aid digestion and reduce inflammation, which can make acid reflux worse.

To use peppermint safely on a baby, mix a few drops of peppermint oil, in a small spoon of olive oil, and rub this mixture directly onto the baby’s tummy in order to provide relief from the reflux. Do this twice a day to see an improvement in their symptoms.

Do some simple exercises:

The majority of babies will simply lie down without actually doing any motions or exercises, which can all contribute to poor digestion or result in acid reflux. Learning how to safely carry out some motion oriented exercises can help to stimulate the digestive process, as well as help to relieve any gas or bloating in the stomach, which will all help to prevent acid reflux from taking place.

To do the simple exercise, allow your baby to lie flat and move his legs as if he was riding a bicycle. Carry this exercise out for a few minutes every day. This will be fun for the baby, but will also have a positive effect on their digestion. It should be noted though that these exercises should not be carried out straight after a feed, or less than half an hour prior to feeding the baby.

Keep your baby upright after feeding:

Try and keep your baby in an upright position for at least thirty minutes after you have fed them in order to eliminate the amount of reflux that they experience.

One great way of doing this, and to encourage bonding at the same time, is to wear your baby in a sling or an infant carrier, which allows you to walk around the house, or sit down with them.

Alternatively, you can invest in some devices that are designed to keep the baby propped up.

Elevate your baby as they sleep:

Unfortunately, babies who suffer from bad acid reflux are unlikely to sleep as well as those who do not. When they lie down completely flat, there is nowhere for the reflux to go, and it can become very painful when they sleep.

There are a number of different devices that you can purchase which are designed to elevate your baby safely whilst they sleep, particularly when they are napping during the day. You can also prop a pillow underneath their mattress which will help to ease the pain of reflux; however, as with any sleeping arrangement for your baby; particularly when they are newborn it is so important to think about the safety of them, in order for you not to put your child at any risk of suffocation.








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