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Read about the 10 Benefits of Pole Fitness


Pole fitness is rising in popularity every day and the benefits of this unique style of workout are being celebrated more and more often.

However, whether it’s due to preconceived ideas or lack of confidence, many people are still wary of signing up to pole fitness classes.

Last year, after a long and hard battle, pole dancing finally became recognised by the Global Association of International Sports Federations (GAISF) as a sport in its own right. This means that the door is now open for pole dancing to become a fully fledged Olympic sport alongside the likes of gymnastics and weightlifting.

Legitimacy as a sport aside, there are also plenty of benefits of pole fitness that even an amateur would soon see results from.

It’s a fantastic core workout

In pole fitness, you are constantly lifting and moving your own body weight. The result is core strength that is far easier and more enjoyable to achieve than slogging through hundreds of sit-ups or crunches. Plus, you’ll barely even notice that you’re doing it – it’s fun and engaging, so the abs will come along in time without you even trying.

It works on your upper body strength and muscle toning

Even when you’re just starting out in pole fitness, it won’t be long until you’re climbing up and down the pole with ease, and a whole variety of moves will surely follow suit. As such, your upper body will become very toned and you’ll find yourself feeling stronger and stronger. You won’t become big and bulky, either – it’s all about using your own body weight. Before long you’ll feel the benefit in your arms, shoulders and chest as you would get doing lots of press ups, but without it being nearly as boring.

It increases your back strength

Forget needing help carrying shopping or lifting your couch, before long you’ll be doing all that yourself and then some. All that lifting and holding positions will certainly build incredibly strong back muscles. As well as the obvious benefits, you’ll also reduce your chance of injury day-to-day. With the combined effects of increased strength in your back, core and arms, you’re getting an all-around upper body workout that’s hard to beat in terms of effectiveness and enjoyment.


Pole might not look like a particularly high-intensity cardio workout, but ask anyone who’s performed a routine and they’ll surely set you straight. If you’re incorporating dance or movement with a technical and move-heavy routine that lasts three to four minutes, your heart will be pounding away in no time. Now imagine how much time would be spent perfecting the routine for a competition, and you can see how much cardio can come into it.

Increased metabolism

With an increase in strength comes an increase in metabolism – after all, those new muscles will need feeding. This means that regular pole exercise can be a big contributor to weight loss as well as muscle toning and strength building.


Naturally, pole really makes you push yourself to your flexibility limit, and then constantly improves upon it. From the dynamic stretches that are necessary for a proper warm up to the moves themselves, you’ll feel yourself loosening up more and more with every session. Flexibility has notable benefits for injury prevention and recovery as well as general joint and muscle health.

Balance and coordination

Pole moves require a lot of balance and coordination to achieve, and each new move will bring a new challenge. In order to achieve the perfect position a huge amount of control is required, especially if you’re linking multiple moves in a routine. Balance actually goes a long way towards strengthening your muscles, too, and can help with general good posture which has numerous benefits for your body as a whole.

Endurance and stamina

As with cardio, the endurance you need to do any extended amount of pole-based exercise is often overlooked. Even a single move can require you to hold a difficult position for some time, so a combination of moves or a whole routine means having a lot of stamina. However, like many other benefits of pole fitness, this is something that builds up quickly almost without you noticing. You will get stronger with every session, and eventually what once seemed impossible becomes something you do just for fun.

Body confidence

In today’s world of constant media overload and huge pressure to look a certain way, pole fitness celebrates the body in a unique way. It is a very inclusive sport open to people of all shapes and sizes as well as all ages and genders, and everyone will reap the benefits just the same. You come to appreciate your body and its ability and the visible progress after only a few sessions is a great boost to your confidence.

It’s fun!

Though it’s been mentioned a few times before, pole fitness is a varied and enjoyable sport. You can forget dreading spending hours at the gym or shuddering at the thought of going out for a run because pole fitness is an all-around workout that builds practical strength and flexibility without ever becoming boring. Every session is a new challenge, and the physical and mental benefits push it well above most standard workouts.


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Sarah Wagstaffe

Sarah is a pole fitness and martial arts enthusiast, an avid cyclist and runner and an ex-trampolinist. Also a keen and experienced writer, Sarah combines her own experiences in various sports and fitness settings with knowledge and research to produce in-depth articles, always looking for a new challenge to add to her repertoire.

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