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Natural Ways to Treat your Baby’s Blocked Nose


Whilst a stuffy nose can be a mild annoyance to us as adults; to babies, it can be a very traumatic experience for them. Not only is it uncomfortable, but it can negatively affect their feeding, and will likely disturb their sleep as well. For new babies especially, a blocked nose can be quite worrying for the parents, but it is important to remember that common colds are particularly common as their immune system is still developing.

According to the NHS, children and babies will get colds much more frequently than adults, and their symptoms can differ. A blocked and runny nose, sneezing and a high temperature are all normal symptoms; however there are some signs to look out for. The NHS recommends seeing your GP if your babies cold has not cleared up within 3 weeks, they are under three months old have a particularly high temperature (38 degrees or higher), they are struggling to breathe, they are coughing up blood, they have a persistent sore throat, or if they seem to be getting worse when you would expect them to be getting better.

Most of the time, your babies blocked nose will likely clear up itself within a week, but should it not, there are plenty of natural ways in which you can help to ease their airways. Most natural home remedies require very little and can easily be done.

For young babies, as in, under six months old, you can try a simple salt water mix, or saline solution. A few drops in each nostril will soften and loosen any mucus, making it easier to remove with a bulb syringe. Although this process can be used on babies at any age, you might find older babies are less tolerant of the bulb syringe. If your baby’s nose is crusty or sticky, it is best to try and remove this, as this will definitely be blocking their nose. Clean this with cotton wool and warm water.

A great alternative and a cheaper version of a vaporizer is to simply sit in a steamy bathroom with your baby. Not only is it a great bonding time for you and your little one, but just a few minutes will do their blocked nose a world of good.

Another way to thin mucus is to ensure your baby is hydrated. It might be necessary to give them extra water; however, if you are concerned about them being dehydrated, do check with a health professional before you do this. You might find your baby is reluctant to feed though, so it might be necessary to use the saline drops beforehand. Finally, if your baby is struggling to sleep, there are a number of things that you can do, but if you can try and keep them more upright. Prop their mattress up if need be in order to help the mucus drain.

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