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Natural Ways To Lose Your Belly Fat Fast


It always seems to be far easier to put weight on, particularly around the belly area, than lost it. When asked though, the belly is normally the one area that people are desperate to lose weight from first, due to insecurities and embarrassment.

Whilst it is not a good idea to starve yourself, which can in itself have incredibly serious and harmful side effects, but we all know the best way to lose weight is to adopt a healthy eating plan and an exercise routine. Think about all the reasons that you believe you have put weight on; common ones include; eating too much junk food or carbohydrates; eating more calories than you are burning; eating just before you go to bed, lack of exercise; and a sedentary lifestyle. If you can pinpoint what you are doing wrong, it will be far easier to make changes.

We all do need a helping hand though at times, which is why we have some of the best natural remedies for losing your belly fat, which can be used alongside a healthy diet and exercise plan.


Honey is an absolutely amazing ingredient, and has so many different health benefits. Every morning, before you eat breakfast, fill a glass with hot water, and add the juice of 1 lemon and add one tablespoon of honey to it.

Drinking this every day before breakfast regularly will ensure that you start noticing a difference in your belly fat soon enough.

Drinking hot water

Drinking warm water on an empty stomach is a great way to lose weight. If you struggle with reducing your portion sizes, this is a fantastic tip, as it will make you feel fuller, quicker, which will mean that you will eat less.

On top of that, drinking enough water is just essential to staying fit and healthy anyway. If you are dehydrated, everything slows down, you become more sluggish, and you eat more to try and compensate for the lack of water. Drinking enough water, especially 1 litre of warm water on an empty stomach will help to thoroughly cleanse the body.


Ginger is used as a natural treatment for a whole host of medical ailments, and it now seems that it can be good for getting rid of your belly fat as well.

Add a piece of fresh ginger to water, and let it steep. Add honey and pepper to taste, and then let it simmer for five minutes. We already know that honey will help to dissolve the fat, and the heat from the ginger and the pepper will help to raise the metabolic rate, which will help you to burn the fat off quicker, thus increasing your weight loss.


Mint is incredibly soothing, which is great for gut health. If your gut or stomach becomes irritated, it is harder to lose weight from that area.

Just like the honey and the ginger, use fresh mint to make a soothing tea that you can drink daily to speed up your weight loss. Simply add one tablespoon of honey, a pinch of pepper, and some crushed mint leaves to a cup of hot water, and then let it steep for five minutes. Strain before drinking.

The mint will soothe the abdomen, the honey dissolves the fat, and the pepper will boost the metabolism.

Apple cider vinegar

There is a lot of controversies when it comes to apple cider vinegar. It is used an awful lot in natural remedies, and whilst some people believe that this is a wonder ingredient, others believe that it does not make much of a difference. That said, there are reports that it is good for weight loss, particularly around your belly.

Apple cider vinegar will help to make your stomach fuller, which will stop you from eating more, which will help you to lose weight in the long run – much in the same way that water can. Regulating your eating pattern though will also help to regulate your blood sugar.

Curry leaves

Curry leaves are an excellent way of helping to completely detox the body. You can add them when you are cooking, and you will begin the see the results of this detox quickly enough.

The reason that this can help you to lose weight is that the full body detox will automatically lead to less accumulation of fat on the tummy.


Cinnamon is something that most people have in the cupboards, but probably rarely use. This is because people often do not realise how many health benefits there are to ingesting this spice.

Cinnamon is a great fat burner, so is the perfect addition alongside healthy eating and exercise. Simply take half a tablespoon of cinnamon powder before steeping it in water for five minutes. Drink this twice a day, once before breakfast and once before going to bed and you will start to notice the difference in no time.


Drinking lemon juice daily is one of the best ways to reduce belly fat, and it is so easy and inexpensive, not to mention easy for you to do at home.

Simply add fresh lemon juice into a glass of water, and add a pinch of salt. Stir it well, and drink it every morning, to see a difference to your belly fat.


Finally, we’ll end on one that might not be so appetising, but is fantastic at burning belly fat, and will make the above remedy work even more effectively, and that is to chew of raw garlic. Ok, it might make you smell afterwards, but it really is one of the best home remedies, designed to reduce belly fat quickly.

All you need to do is to chew on three to four cloves of raw garlic first thing in the morning, and then drink the lemon water after you have consumed the garlic.

Disclaimer – Content written for and on behalf of Healthnotepad.com is not professional medical advice and therefore cannot be taken as such. If you have a serious health problem or are affected by any of the topics covered on Healthnotepad.com, you could seek professional medical advice. Please be aware of other issues such as allergens that may come in to play when reviewing our posts. Always consult a doctor if you or a peer has genuine health concerns.

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