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How This Vegetable Can Help Arthritis Sufferers


A lot of the people in the UK are currently suffering from some form of arthritis, and it can sometimes be very tough to find a relief for the pain that is associated with this disease. The pain can be caused by joint inflammation, or from the bone grating on the bone, with symptoms including, pain, stiffness or limited movement. Your diet can have a huge role to play in the management of this condition, and one vegetable in particular can be highly effective in managing the pain.

According to the NHS, the most common type of arthritis within the UK is Osteoarthritis, which causes the joints to become very painful and stiff, and can lead to swelling, pain and tenderness, or grating. This is caused by the wearing down of the joints’ protective cartilage, which can make the joint become inflamed, swollen and hard to move.

Scientists have discovered though that a low-calorie diet, which is rich in vitamin K can help to reduce the symptoms that are associated with osteoarthritis. Following this diet is most effective when it is combined with strengthening exercises, especially in patients who are overweight and suffering from joint pain. On top of tis, it can help to lower cholesterol levels in the blood, which has previously been linked to osteoarthritis.

As well as lowering your calorie intake, scientists have discovered that increasing your vitamin K intake can have a really positive effect on relieving the symptoms of osteoarthritis. One vegetable that has been hailed a hero in this, is Spinach. These tasty leaves are a great, natural source of vitamin K, which will help to maintain bone strength and will help to repair any damage that has been caused.

Margaret Rayman, who is a professor of Nutritional Medicine at the University of Surrey does highlight the importance of good weight management, particularly if you are overweight or obese, saying;

“The importance of a good diet and regular exercise should never be underestimated…Not only does it keep us fit and healthy, but as we have learned from this study, it can also lessen painful symptoms…We are what we eat, and it is important that we have the right amount of nutrients from our food to ensure that our body systems work as they should.”

Ali Mobasheri, who is a professor of musculoskeletal physiology agreed, saying;

“A combination of good diet and regular exercise are necessary to keep joints healthy; you can’t have healthy joints with just one, you need both…Lifestyle should also be considered when attempting to reduce the pain of osteoarthritis.”

18 percent of women and 10 percent of men over 60 years old in the UK are currently suffering from osteoarthritis, and it has been estimated that be 2050, 130 million people will be diagnosed with the condition. Although there is no cure, there are treatments and medication available that will help to reduce symptoms, but good diet and regular exercise can really help to reduce the symptoms.

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