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Breast Cancer Cancer Home Remedies

10 Natural Home Remedies to Help Breast Cancer


On average, 55,000 women and more than 300 men are diagnosed with breast cancer each year.

This makes it the most common form of cancer in the UK alone.

Whereas there isn’t a cure for breast cancer as of yet, progress is constantly being made in the research of breast cancer since it is still a deadly disease that affects so many worldwide.

Despite this, there are foods you can eat from the comfort of your home, which can boost your immune system and kill off some of the cancerous tissues to a certain extent. However, there are also foods which you should ward off when it comes to breast cancer.

Adapting your lifestyle

Despite there not being a cure for breast cancer, there are things you can do to try and prevent it from happening to you like adapting your lifestyle and diet.

The hard truth is that once diagnosed, breast cancer cannot be fully stopped, however, by eating a healthy and nutritious diet (designed for cancer patients), incoming pathogens be fought off and the immune system can be activated in the fight against cancer cells.f

10 Natural home remedies


To start with, let us look at grapes. A compound found in grapes called proanthocyanidins reduces the levels of estrogen production in the body which can essentially treat breast cancer which has been shown in clinical trials and has been tested on several patients. The study that looked into the topic found that the extract of grapes affected breast cancer tumours which were hormone-sensitive. It was also found that the drug doxorubicin could improve the anti-tumour activity by consuming grapes or extract every day as a supplement treatment.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D can be found in eggs, cod liver oil, milk, salmon etc. in the past, vitamin D has been associated with lowering the risk of breast cancer. It’s best to try and keep your vitamin D level up to increase your chances when it comes to advanced cancers.

Low-calorie diet

Not only is it good to have a healthy diet to keep fit but studies have shown that if you keep a low-calorie diet then it can prevent the spread of breast cancer to accelerate quicker.

Green tea

Research has shown that green tea has anti-inflammatory properties and so it can be effective in the battle against of breast cancer.


Broccoli contains the gene, linamarase. When this gene is inside cancer cells it can break down into cyanide and essentially kill off the tumorous cells.


When it’s raw or in the form of juice, Wheatgrass has been shown to deteriorate cancer cell growth. Research has suggested that it has the ability to enhance the immune system and rid your body of waste products and toxins.


According to the National Centre for Complementary and Integrative Health (NCCIH), garlic has certain compounds in it which give it antibiotic properties and makes it a good anti-cancer agent. It does this through the presence of alkyl sulphur compounds which causes the malignant cells to be subjected to a natural cell death (apoptosis). Garlic can play an important role in making sure immune cells which fight cancerous cells are activated to do so. Rather than consuming garlic in a cooked form, it would be better to eat it in a raw form as a clove, oil or powder.


As we all know, exercise is good for you no matter what, however, when it comes to breast cancer, an hour of exercise a day, has been shown to reduce the risk of contracting the condition. No matter how old you are or what your weight is, physical activity and a healthy diet can help in reducing the risk of cancer as well as other diseases such as dementia.


Soybeans are a big must when it comes to breast cancer patients. Soybeans contain phytoestrogens and several other compounds which block cancerous cells from using estrogen says the MD Anderson Cancer Centre. Soybeans also contain isoflavones which are needed for the prevention of cancer at the early stages. You can either cook soybeans and consume them that way or you can take them as sprouts.


Lignans are compounds which slow down the growth rate and progression of estrogen-dependent tumours. They are found in sunflower seeds, strawberries, flaxseeds, peanuts, cashews and more.

Foods to avoid

The foods above are something you should consider adapting your diet too, either, if you have breast cancer or if there is a history of breast cancer running in your family.

But there is more you can do, avoid these foods to aid your breast cancer or reduce your chances of getting it:

Fatty foods

Unfortunately, foods that you will most likely enjoy such as processed and fried foods aren’t exactly the best for your health. But despite this, studies have shown that not all fats are bad, fat from fruits and vegetables is associated with a DECREASE in risk from breast cancer.

Trans fats, which are found in processed foods are associated with having an increased risk of getting breast cancer at some point during your life and so they should be avoided.


Technically not a food but still something you’re going to want to avoid.

Many studies have shown that there is a link between regular alcohol consumption and an increase in the risk of getting breast cancer. Alcohol can increase the levels of estrogen which can damage DNA cells in the body.

Another thing to note is that women who drink three alcoholic beverages a week are increasing their chances of developing breast cancer by 15%.

So, cut out the alcohol as much as you can!

Red meat

There is still much research going into the link between red meats and breast cancer, however, the two are connected, especially if the meat is ‘well done’ as this increases the likelihood of breast cancer.

In addition, processed meats are higher in salt, fat and preservatives so they aren’t seen as the best foods to prevent breast cancer.


At the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Centre, researchers found when mice were put on a diet that is rich in sugar, they were more likely to develop breast cancer like gland tumours. These tumours were also more likely spread.

From 2014-2016, there were over 11,000 deaths from breast cancer in the UK alone, around 30 people a day. Around the world, it has been estimated that around 520,000 women died from breast cancer in 2012 with the mortality rates varying worldwide. These statistics alone show why donating to charities like Cancer Research and Macmillan Cancer Support are so important.

Disclaimer – Content written for and on behalf of Healthnotepad.com is not professional medical advice and therefore cannot be taken as such. If you have a serious health problem or are affected by any of the topics covered on Healthnotepad.com, you could seek professional medical advice. Please be aware of other issues such as allergens that may come in to play when reviewing our posts. Always consult a doctor if you or a peer has genuine health concerns.

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