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8 Natural Calming Remedies for Anxiety


Anxiety and stress are likely to affect us all at some point or another. Whilst normally, this is nothing to worry about and will pass by itself, there are times that it can become a little more debilitating. If you feel that it is preventing you to go about your daily life, it is so important that you make an appointment to talk to someone about how you are feeling.

However; if you are just experiencing mild levels of stress or anxiety, and want some natural ways to help you to relax, then look no further. Here are some of the most effective calming remedies for you to try at home.

Valerian Root

Valerian root is often referred to as natures Valium and has long been used as a way of treating anxiety, insomnia and generally to help to relax muscles.

It is really effective and can cause a sedating effect that can last for a while, so it is worth just consulting your GP before you try this natural herb, and to also use it at bedtime when you first try it, in case it makes you very drowsy.


Meditation is a really effective way of relaxing your whole body. It has been used for a long time, and many people find it really effective.

Practising mindfulness meditation, which is where you are paying attention to the present moment without judgement, can significantly reduce the levels of stress and let all of your anxieties melt away. On top of this, there is evidence to suggest that it can boost creativity and improve productivity.

There are a huge number of benefits from meditation, and it is one of the best natural calming stress relievers.

 Enjoy the outdoors and nature

Going for a walk and just generally being outside can work wonders for anxiety and stress levels. Research suggests that being outside can make us more mindful and calm.

Be at one with nature. Go and take a walk through the woods, where you can listen to the relaxing water in a stream, and the birds in the trees will instantly make you feel serene and relaxed. What’s more is that it costs absolutely nothing can do and can have a huge number of benefits.

Learn how to breathe effectively

Breathing in an effective way is a brilliant way of instantly relaxing and feeling calmer. It allows you to compose yourself, and concentrating on your breathing is a great way of naturally calming down before you get too stressed.

Try learning this simple breathing trick. Called the 3-3-6 breathing, you breathe in for 3 seconds, hold for 3 seconds, and then exhale for 6 seconds. It is proven that when you exhale for longer than you inhale, it helps you to relax.


Passionflower is another herb that is associated with helping those who have anxiety or stress. There is even research to suggest that it can help those with severe anxiety issues as well.

It works by reducing tension, calming the mind and preventing agitation. This is a great option for those who are experiencing stress and feeling anxious and is very effective.


Motherwort is another effective herb in easing stress and helping to deal with any anxiety and tension that you might be experiencing.

Although, we would recommend that you speak to a health professional before taking any natural remedies if you are pregnant, this is often favoured for use in pregnancy, as it can be safely used in the third trimester to eliminate stress, as well as stimulate circulation, which can often be a problem in the later stages of pregnancy.

Another pro for motherwort is that it can induce calmness without causing fatigue, which a lot of over the counter medication cannot do, and several natural remedies can as well.

Make sure you get enough sleep

It is a tried and tested measure, but is about a natural as you can get. Making sure that you are getting enough sleep can work wonders for your stress and anxiety levels.

This is because your body and mind can function much better when you have had a proper night’s sleep. It really is like a makeover for your mood.

Experts recommend that you should be getting between 7-9 hours of sleep every night when you are an adult. All too often, people put sleep on the back burner, and often, when you are stressed and anxious, insomnia can often be a nasty side effect, but if you can try and get yourself into a good and relaxing night time routine, it really can work wonders.

Make sure you are eating breakfast every day

All too often, people skip breakfast, but if you are stressed or anxious, this can only make you feel worse.

Eating breakfast will help to keep your blood sugar levels stable, and will decrease the likelihood of you feeling anxious later on.

Of course, what you eat for breakfast can have a big impact as well, so try starting your day off with a bowl of oatmeal which will help to keep you full. Add strawberries or blueberries which are packed full of antioxidants, and will help to boost your serotonin levels, and to keep your body at a cellular level.


Disclaimer – Content written for and on behalf of Healthnotepad.com is not professional medical advice and therefore cannot be taken as such. If you have a serious health problem or are affected by any of the topics covered on Healthnotepad.com, you could seek professional medical advice. Please be aware of other issues such as allergens that may come in to play when reviewing our posts. Always consult a doctor if you or a peer has genuine health concerns.

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