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Alternatives to help you stop smoking


Every year, we are reminded of the dangers of smoking, and the huge amount of damage that it can do to your body. We even have a national day dedicated to not smoking, yet, thousands of people in the UK alone still are struggling to quit. This is because, for cigarettes are highly addictive, and the thought of stopping can seem incredibly daunting for long-term smokers.

Completely stopping without any alternative is often too much, and will not be successful, and many people who have managed to ditch the habit found that having an alternative for them to help them break that habit was actually far more effective. Here are the some of the best alternatives that can help smokers break that habit, whilst reducing the health risks that are associated with the intake of tar and nicotine that our bodies are exposed to when we smoke cigarettes.


This popular alternative caused a lot of controversies when they were first introduced to the public; however, they have now been endorsed by health experts after long-term studies were carried out on ex-smokers. Although they contain nicotine, which will not help with the addiction, they have been proven to not be as harmful as cigarettes are. The reasons that they caused a lot of controversies is because they are available in lots of different flavours, which can make them appealing to those who did not smoke in the first place. However, they have been a helpful tool in helping people to ditch the cigarettes without cutting off the nicotine addiction completely.

Nicotine Replacement Therapy

Nicotine replacement therapy is often a favourite among doctors, as being an approved method of getting nicotine without smoking. It has proven to be successful as well, with a success rate of between 50-70 percent. There are many different forms of replacement that you can use, including nicotine patches, gum, nasal spray, inhalers and lozenges, so it is likely that you will find a method that works for you.


A more unconventional approach could be hypnotherapy. This is often what people turn to when nothing else has worked, almost as a last-ditch approach, but it can be very effective. Although a lot of people remain fairly sceptical about this technique, there are a lot of rumours that it is incredibly successful. The bad news is that it does not come cheap. It is not available on the NHS, and therefore, it must be sought privately, and with sessions starting at nearly £200, it is not the most affordable. That said, it can deal with the psychological side of addiction, which is often the hardest thing, but once this leaves the body, which is normally after a few days, the addiction can be easier to tackle.

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