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Health Notepad is a comprehensive source that aims to deliver trending news from the health industry. Including news on general health & fitness, as well as posts around healthy eating and even home remedies.

Health Notepad wants to foster a community of healthy individuals, individuals that are willing to share their obstacles and successes in a bid to help people achieve a healthier and more vibrant lifestyle.

The key to being healthy is having the right information, this isn’t possible without the correct resources which is why Health Notepad wants to bring you these resources, on our website www.healthnotepad.com and across our social media channels.

If you’re interested in health news, fitness news, news on healthy eating or news on home remedies, Health Notepad is the place for you, the only notepad you’ll ever need.

Our Team

Our team of writers are enthusiastic and dedicated to the various aspects of the health and fitness industry. Together, they aim to deliver clear and concise information, written to help you lead a healthier lifestyle.


Frankie Crowhurst

I am a keen writer, with a particular passion for food and the health industry. I love to cook at home in my spare time, and am always looking for new and exciting recipes to try that will also improve my health. I have a keen interest in natural therapies, and how it is possible to treat illnesses well, without turning to more conventional medicines. I have many years of experience as a writer, and passion for health.


Codie Savage

I am a Biomedicine student with a passion for science and medical research. I enjoy making digital art, creative writing and am a huge fan of the Marvel franchise movies and comics. I have had experience with mental health and believe that through writing, I am able to educate others and can help break many of the stigmas attached to mental health.


Nathan Bennett

I am a writer, journalist, food fanatic and psychology researcher with a big interest in the health and fitness industry. I have a specific interest in mental health and healthy eating as I believe that much of how we feel begins with how we eat. Whilst I believe traditional medicine is important, I also have a strong belief in natures own ability to heal and assist us in recovery.


Penn Alonso

Creative writing student with alternative views and lifestyles. Aromatherapy and holistic remedies lover.


Sara Debreceni

I’m an opinionated Linguistics and Philosophy student who is probably way too excited to get her own barbell pad to take to the gym. I love food – though I’m unsure as to whether I enjoy the cooking or the eating aspect of it more. My main focus at university is academic but I try to incorporate healthy habits into my routines and to have a balanced physical, social and mental life.


Sarah Wagstaffe

Sarah is a pole fitness and martial arts enthusiast, an avid cyclist and runner and an ex-trampolinist. Also a keen and experienced writer, Sarah combines her own experiences in various sports and fitness settings with knowledge and research to produce in-depth articles, always looking for a new challenge to add to her repertoire.


Sophia Waters

I am a second-year university student with a passion for writing and journalism. I have struggled with anxiety and depression for many years and consequently, I am dedicated to providing help and guidance for others who are also suffering. I am looking to expand my writing skills, and to advise others on how to negotiate the complexities of their own mental health journey.


Tea Nicolae

I am an aspiring Romanian writer and activist based in the UK. I’m an introverted kind of soul and I’m currently writing for a few independent magazines and cultural platforms. My work tackles depression, mental health, gender issues and pain. I cried for a week when David Bowie died.