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7 Benefits of Cycling


Cycling is great for your fitness, see 7 reasons why you should be cycling on a regular basis!

Low Impact

Cycling is low impact and as such, causes less strain and fewer injuries than high impact exercise. Low impact also means less joint strain, which means people with joint issues can cycle even if they struggle with other forms of exercise. It can also improve range of motion in joints.


Cycling has the benefit of being completely scalable to your fitness level, and difficulty can be increased over time. The only prerequisite to cycling is the ability to ride a bike. Then, you can choose how long you cycle for, the terrain and route you cycle on and how difficult you want it to be.

Good Muscle Workout

Cycling uses a lot of your major muscle groups as you pedal. While it is a good workout in general, it is especially good for the legs and glutes. It can promote both slow and fast muscle fibre development, increasing both stamina and strength.

Good Cardio and Aerobic Activity

Cycling is a good way to increase your aerobic fitness, and can really get your blood pumping. Because of this, cycling is very beneficial to overall fitness.

Time Efficient

It can be difficult to find the time to exercise. However, since cycling doubles as a mode of transport, it can be worked into your daily schedule. You can cycle to work or to the shops, and can replace time spent sitting in a vehicle with exercise.

Decreases Stress

As with other forms of exercise, cycling can help your mental state and reduce stress. Physical activity releases endorphins which can boost your mood. As cycling can be an easy and efficient form of exercise, the stress-reducing benefits are easy to attain.

A Fun Form of Exercise

Because cycling is scalable, time-efficient and low impact, there are very few drawbacks to it as a form of exercise. It is unlikely to cause damage and can be worked into your routine, as well as being completely flexible in terms of difficulty. Not only that, but it comes with a range of other benefits, too; you will discover new areas, take in scenery, get to spend time outdoors and, most of all, after each hill climb you get to cruise down the other side. All of these things mean that if you take up cycling, you’re likely to keep at it.


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Sarah Wagstaffe

Sarah is a pole fitness and martial arts enthusiast, an avid cyclist and runner and an ex-trampolinist. Also a keen and experienced writer, Sarah combines her own experiences in various sports and fitness settings with knowledge and research to produce in-depth articles, always looking for a new challenge to add to her repertoire.

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